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samdi by ScraNo
NCIS New Orleans: L.J.Gibbs has found his true calling. Fan Art for personal use only! No redistribution.  © 2014 Scrano

Baron Samedi, Samdi ... is roaming the cemeteries at Midnight, in the company of his consort, Maman Brigitte. Both are the rulers of the Ghede, white-faced loa of death and Underworld.

Maman Brigitte is a death loa. She protects gravestones in cemeteries if they are properly marked with a cross. A New World loa, Maman Brigitte is syncretized with various saints, including: Celtic Brigit a.k.a. Saint Brigid and Mary Magdalene. She has red hair (lol, just right for our Gibbs) , but she can also shapeshift. So watch out for the cat! Her animal totem is the black rooster.

As well as being master of the dead, Baron Samedi is also a giver of life. He can cure any mortal of any disease or wound, if he thinks it is worthwhile. His powers are especially great when it comes to Black Arts but also Hex breaking: To loose the bond.  Even if somebody has been afflicted by a Hex, which brings them to the verge of death, they will not die if the Baron refuses to dig their grave. So long as this mighty spirit keeps them out of the ground, they are safe. He does also ensure that all corpses rot in the ground to stop any soul from being brought back as a Zombie. What he demands in return depends on his mood. Sometimes he is content with his followers wearing black, white or purple clothes or using sacred objects; he may simply ask for a small gift of cigars (we#ll leave this to Mike Franks), rum (or Bourbon), black coffee, grilled peanuts or bread. But sometimes the Baron requires a sacred ceremony to help him cross over into this world.

He resembles the Pluto/Saturn Archetype of Astrology, the Eight house of the Zodiac and Scorpio. Brigitte is a bit like Hekate, greek Goddess of the Black Moon, starry sky and Underworld. Saturday, which gave the Baron his name (Saturday=Samedi in french), is the sacred day of Saturn.

Their Veve, a symbolic form of invocation, like a Sigil or Kamea:

VeveBaronSamedi by ScraNo                 VeveBrigitte by ScraNo
Samedi                                                                                                            Brigitte.  Source: Wikimedia.

These signs are made of rice or flour on the ground, like Native American sacred sand paintings or Buddhist Mandala. Interestingly, Samedi's Veve includes Freemason symbols, as other Veve also do. Freemasons had been involved in the Abolitionism movement, especially in UK and Haiti.

Happy Halloween to All!

                                                               Happy Haloween by KmyGraphic



Claudia Christina
Scientist by profession: Physics, Math, Chemistry

Interests: History, Psychology, Astronomy, Hermeticism (Astrology, Kabbala, Alchemy).

I like to create fractals with a realistic looking surface, something you actually would try to touch.
Also to give them a 3d appearance, without using 3D software, like Mandelbulb 3D. Added a few 3d Mandelbulbs lately, though, just to get the feel.

View of my fractals is better at full w/h because many of my works have intricate details, which may look awkward in thumbnail mode.

I like to create a Fan Wallpaper or two sometimes, mostly NCIS: Gibbs, Abby, Tony … some Gabby and Tiva. Also Stargate SG-1, my all time favourite ,and a bit of Dexter. Often to do them in Crossover story or Seasonal context … adds a bit of fun. They are like the graphical equivalent of fan fiction stories and my version of Seasons Greetings to the community.

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